Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trim Down Tip

Healthy Ideas

These days, just about everyone is looking for healthy options at the supermarket. My best advice is to shop primarily in the perimeter of the store. That means avoid the aisles. The fresh food like produce, meat, dairy etc is always displayed on the perimeter of the store. But, what about when you have to go up and down the aisles? How do you choose?

Melissa & Doug Shopping CartMany grocery chains have come up with a labeling system to denote the healthiest options in their store. Stop and Shop recently came out with "Healthy Ideas". It is a system that labels over 5,000 items throughout the store as healthy choices. The company calculated the information based on guidelines from the USDA and the FDA. See here for a longer explanation. 

The system is great--for the most part. However you will find things like light potato chips on the list...but light chips are better than full fat chips! Find out if a store near you has a similar system in place or in the works. If not--ask for one. in the daily struggle to be healthy...every little bit helps!

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