Friday, September 10, 2010

Delicious Discovery

Immaculate Baking Co. Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

It was a wild Friday night, my husband was working and I was home hanging out with my sister. Of course I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies so she headed to the store (I know, she's the best) to pick up my favorite quick fix dough. One problem--the grocery store was out. Little did I know she came home with my newest Delicious Discovery, instead!

Immaculate Baking Co. makes amazing products. Their organic cookie dough is fabulous. Two chocolate chip cookies are just 140 calories. Granted they are about the size of a half dollar--but they hit the spot. The ingredients are all natural plus they are based in Wakefield, MA which is pretty cool. They are sold at Whole Foods and several other locations

Check them out. I'm on the hunt for their other products and will probably do a follow up soon!

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  1. Mmm.. These are the best, as your sister is too! :)