Friday, December 4, 2009

Delicious Discovery

Pop Chips

I was in the airport last week and as always, I was hungry.  I find it really difficult to travel because I am constantly hungry and unless I am prepared with my own snacks...I end up wanting the delicous treats Jet Blue dangles in front of your face (did you know you can take more than one?)  It's bad news.  So as I was perusing the magazines in the gift store, I found myself migrating towards the food.  The shelves were lined with the typical snacks and goodies--candy, trail mix, potato chips--all in enormous portions and screaming "eat me!".  Then I saw the Pop Chips.  Seriously--I think I heard bells in my head. 

I chose the Salt and Pepper variety and immediately opened the bag (3 servings in one bag).  Yum!  Don't worry, I shared the bag with the rest of my family--and everyone liked them.  They sort of taste like a cross between a potato chip and a rice cake...but a really tasty spicy rice cake.  I had heard about Pop Chips on TV and in magazines but had never seen them anywhere.  So I figured if they were in an airport store...they must be in mainstream stores.  Before I boarded the plane, I found out the chips are carried at Target and Whole Foods.  Here is a list of locations where Pop Chips are sold. 

Fast forward to today.  My local Whole Foods had two different varieties, Original and Barbeque.  The Original flavor tastes like a regular potato chip...I definitely like them, but I would choose a flavored chip over the plain.  I'm not a big fan of Barbeque chips, so my Mom was the taste tester on these.  She really liked them.  I found them to be very smokey and not as artificial as barbeque flavor usually tastes, in my opinion.  Target has a lot more varieties.  I bought that Cheddar and the Salt and Vinegar--both of which are delicious depending on what you are craving.  

As for the stats, Pop Chips aren't baked or fried.  They use a special heat and pressure to create the popping process...hence the name.  There are no trans fats (they only use safflower or sunflower oil) and no saturated fats (except for the sour cream and onion variety which has .5 g/serving) and no preservatives or food additives.  Pop Chips have 120 calories per 1 oz serving (approximately 19 chips).  I'm on the lookout for individual bags sold in stores.  They sell a variety pack on the website but I'd rather pick my favorite flavors.  Otherwise, I recommend putting individual servings into small baggies to avoid eating the entire bag.   At Whole Foods, a regular bag was $2.89.  At Target they were on sale 2 for $5.  Not too bad!

Enjoy the chips--let me know if you find the individual bags!!!

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  1. I LOVE Pop Chips! My go to are the salt and vinegar. Such a great find.