Friday, November 20, 2009

Delicious Discovery

Crispy Green

I have a hard time using fresh produce in my house before it starts to go bad.  My husband eats breakfast at work, so most of the fruit I buy is for me and I don't like to buy lots of it because it ends up going to waste and I don't like wasting food or money.  So, I was happy to come across the products by Crispy Green, Inc.  They make delicious freeze-dried fruit that I absolutely love!

Now don't think that this is the sort of dried fruit you find in the grocery store that is high in calories and sugar (yes, those banana chips that are oh so delicious are oh so VERY bad for you).  Crispy Green uses a special freeze dry process that retains almost all of the fruit's nutrient and does not use any sugar, additives or preservatives along the way.  

There are 5 varieties or Crispy Green fruit snacks--apples, apricots, bananas, pineapple and pear.  I have tried all but the apricot (they are very hard to find--so if you see them somewhere let me know!).  My favorite are the pineapple and bananas by far.  The entire bag contains between 35-55 calories,  depending on the type of fruit.  They are great to throw in your bag for a quick healthy snack or to add to yogurt or cereal.  I'm a big fan of snacks that satisfy my cravings for crunch and sweet all in one--Crispy Green does the trick!

They also make a product called FruitziO which I haven't tried yet.  There are two varieties, apples & strawberries and strawberries.  Each come in 100 calorie packs and contain natural cane sugar.  I would be willing to bet they are delicious as well--but can't vouch for them until I try.  If come across some FruitziO--let  me know how they taste.

Crispy Green products can be found in grocery stores or ordered online.  Locally, Roche Brother's carries the products and usually has them in the produce section of the store.  Here is a list of locations or you can just order online at Amazon or the Crispy Green website.  The Crispy Green fruit packs can be found in multi packs of 6 or single packs.  They are a great way to get in a serving of fruit during the day without having to worry about refrigeration or squishing your fruit in your bag.  Yum!

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